14. 🚧🚧 Interfacing Compiled Code (*)

The open-access textbook Deep R Programming by Marek Gagolewski is, and will remain, freely available for everyone’s enjoyment (also in PDF). It is a non-profit project. This book is still a work in progress. Beta versions of Chapters 1–12 are already complete, but there will be more. In the meantime, any bug/typos reports/fixes are appreciated. Although available online, it is a whole course; it should be read from the beginning to the end. Refer to the Preface for general introductory remarks. Also, check out my other book, Minimalist Data Wrangling with Python [20].

R is a nice glue language: it is perfect for implementing data wrangling pipelines, visualisation, and developing prototypes of data analysis algorithms. In other words, it makes connecting larger building blocks very easy. Still, the more computing-intensive tasks should be done at the C, C++, or Fortran level.

🚧 This chapter is under construction. Please come back later.

14.1. 🚧 R/C API

14.2. 🚧 External Pointers

14.3. 🚧 RCpp

14.4. 🚧 Memory Management

See help("Memory"), help("Memory-limits")